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Februaru 07, 2011



Mayor Brian Billings X
City Clerk Amber Tatterson X
City Attorney R F Stein, Jr X
Accountant Shannon Pearson X
Administrative Assistant Teka McCauley X
At Large Gary Cotton X
At Large James Bowels X
First Ward Marshall Bonecutter X
Second Ward Robert C. Doeffinger, Jr. X
Third Ward M. Leota Sang X
Fourth Ward William E. Park X
Fifth Ward Elaine Grimm Hunt X
Sixth Ward Linda Smith X
Seventh Ward Sam Juniper X
Eighth Ward Barbara Brown X


The minutes posted to these pages are the exact words contained in the official minutes on file in the City Clerks office. The format has been changed to make the information easier to read when presented in an Interned browser. Every effort is made to insure accuracy in transferring the information to these pages.  In all cases, the document on file at the City Building will be considered the official document.



  The meeting was called to order by Mayor Brian L. Billings who led Council in the Pledge of Allegiance.  



Dave Farley- (CSX) with Public Affairs and Safety Community Relations has visited local schools in the County to discuss safety around railroads.  He also advised they offer free instruction to EMS personnel and Police officers.  His reason for addressing Council is the possibility of railroad crossing closures in Point Pleasant.  He works with the Division of Highways and indicated the six crossings in Point Pleasant were studied in 1996 and again in 2005.  He gave Council a handout that lists the crossings along with their Department of Highway number, railroad milepost number, and the warning device.  Farley provided Council with information on how to report issues that may occur on the local railroads by calling the non-emergency number 877-tell-csx or the emergency number 800-232-0144.  Farley then told Council that he is proposing to close two of the six railroad crossings in Point Pleasant, the Camden Avenue crossing and the 14th Street Crossing.  According to Farley, when closing a crossing, CSX makes sure not to cause a land-lock situation.  CSX typically offers $7,500 per closing, however, Farley is authorized to offer $10,000 per crossing to Point Pleasant.  Mr. Farley mentioned the possibility of closing two crossings in Hartford in the spring which will get them cash and some roads paved.  Councilman Bowles stated he would like to see the 14th Street crossing closed due to safety issues.  He frequently sees cars go through the crossing without looking for on-coming train traffic.  Mr. Littlepage, who was in attendance for the meeting, asked Mr. Farley if CSX has ever considered constructing a train overpass at the Viand crossing since there are times when an emergency occurs and the response time is slowed due to a train holding up the crossing.  Mr. Farley advised that would require involvement on the State level, maybe even the Federal level.  Councilwoman Sang asked how CSX would block the crossing once it is closed.  Farley indicated that a guardrail or a temporary barrier can be used.  Mayor Billings asked Council how they wished to proceed and Mr. Bowles said he was interested in seeing the 14th Street crossing closed.  Billings told Mr. Farley the City would contact CSX once a decision is made.   

Ron Harper- Department of Health and Human Resources (ESP/EIP Contracts) - informed Council that DHHR has a program that allows employers to hire their clients and be reimbursed for wages for the first year of employment.  According to Mr. Harper, the employer would not be reimbursed for taxes or workers compensation, only wages.  The program states that their clients cannot be more than fifty percent of the employer’s work force.  The program allows the employer to interview, hire, and set wages.  On a monthly basis, a summary of wages paid to the employee are submitted to DHHR and a reimbursement is sent within four to six weeks.  Mr. Harper stated that Jackson, Roane, and Wood counties are currently participating in this program, as well as, the Town of Mason.  He hopes that Point Pleasant will consider a contract with the DHHR.  Mayor Billings asked Mr. Harper what happens if after the first year you choose not to keep his client.  Harper advised that it is the employer’s choice, but hopes that the program is not taken advantage of and they would likely ask why they were being dismissed.  Billings told Council the Street Department currently has some workers that were provided by DHHR and they have done a great job.  Councilman Juniper asked if they have to be full-time workers. Mr. Harper advised they need to work thirty hours a week.  Juniper asked if DHHR performs drug testing or background checks on their clients and was told they do not.  The contract does allow for employer’s to submit DHHR clients to the same practices all employees are subject to for employment.  Mayor Billings advised he would let Mr. Harper know once Council has had time to consider the proposal. 

Lin Gullet - (Cintas) was on the agenda however was not in attendance 

Derrick Taylor (Krodel Campground Manager) told Council he recently met with the Recreation Committee and he wants to make some improvements at the campground.  The committee asked for him to make a list of changes with the cost associated and present the proposals to Council.  He indicated last season he gave surveys out to the campers and he received positive feedback and for this season he would like for it to be even better.  He wishes to continue as the manager and feels that he had a great season last year.  Committee members advised they have had positive comments about his management and that he will continue to act as the manager.  He provided Council with a handout for improvements.  Taylor would like to make improvements to the restrooms, which would cost approximately $700-$800.  The walls and floors need a fresh coat of paint, and shower mats are needed.  Stalls need to be placed between the toilets to allow privacy since they are currently only separated by curtains.  He said the coin washer and dryer were repaired last year and it is likely they may not make it through another season.  He asked for Council to consider replacing the machines, possibly two coin washers and two coin dryers.  Both golf carts need repairs made that may cost approximately $600.  Mr. Taylor advised he would like Council to consider purchasing a zero-turn mower that can be used and kept on site for the park.  Last year he used his personal riding mower.  He also mentioned he found a 2003 Kawasaki Mule for $1,500 and it would be of good use at the park.  Taylor concluded by advising Council he has been working with Willie Call, Street Commissioner, concerning the playground area.  Improvements to consider would be replacing swings, timbers, and sand in the pits to provide a base for rubber mulch.  The rubber mulch would be a great asset to the playground and provide a safe playing area for the children.  The estimated cost for the improvements to the playground is approximately $25,000.  Councilman Juniper made a motion to refer the park needs to the Recreational Committee so they can look at the figures associated with possible improvements.  The committee can then present Council with a recommendation.  James Bowles added the second motion, which passed 8-0.              

Jacob Hill- Regatta Committee (fireworks) Jacob was unable to attend so Denise Scarberry and Darla Jackson spoke on his behalf.  Ms. Scarberry advised that the Regatta is to be held Thursday June 30 through Saturday July 2, 2011.  She stated that she is aware that Council has scheduled the fireworks for Monday the Fourth of July.  She asked for Council to consider scheduling the fireworks for Saturday July 2nd since that is the last night of the Regatta and when entertainment and boat cruises are scheduled.  The fireworks are what bring people out to support the Regatta and in the past they have always been the closing event.  She also mentioned that the vendors that set-up for the Regatta would not stay nor return for the Monday night fireworks and they help to pay for the costs that are associated with the Regatta.  Without the support of vendors, it would be hard to put on the festival.  Ms. Scarberry had signatures of over 150 people who would like for the fireworks to be part of the scheduled Regatta.  Councilman Juniper asked Scarberry about how the fireworks were held in the past.  She indicated that they were always held on Saturday, the closing of the Regatta, regardless if it fell on the Fourth.  Mayor Billings stated that Council voted to hold them on the Fourth of July since last year the Regatta Committee indicated they would hold them on the Fourth for 2011.  Councilwoman Smith said that when people think of the Fourth of July they think of fireworks, but she also understands why the Regatta wants to see them on Saturday to end the festival.  Scarberry said it helps to provide better attendance and sales.  Mayor Billings asked Council how they wished to proceed.  Ms. Smith made a motion to change the fireworks to Saturday July 2nd.  Councilman Cotton added the second motion which passed 6-1-1, with Robert Doeffinger voting no and James Bowles abstaining.  Ms. Scarberry thanked Council.     



Ronald Kapp (Masonic Lodge) addressed Council concerning Trinity United Methodist Church’s request to close Court Street.  The Masonic Lodge is located on 6th and Viand Street and the closure of Court Street would directly affect the ability to exit the parking area that is at the rear of the lodge.  When Trinity approached Council March 2010 it seemed the closure would not affect the Lodge, but recent discussion has made it clear that a larger portion of the street will be closed and this would cause a problem for the rear parking area.  Kapp also mentioned that garbage is picked up at the rear parking area and it would be impossible for the City’s garbage truck to exit left toward 6th Street, it is nearly impossible for an average sized vehicle to exit left toward 6th Street.  Kapp asked that the City consider the affect the closure would have on that parking lot.  He also said that proper procedures would need to be followed since that is actually a City street, not just an alley.

Steve Littlepage (207 6th Street Law Office) told Council he is concerned with the possibility of closing Court Street.  He has researched street closures and knows the street must be of no use to anyone and no one disserved.  He understands the safety issue the Church has with the street running along the building, but the closure would affect his business and several other businesses served by Court Street.  He has a parking lot to the rear of his business and if the street is closed it would cut off access to his handicap parking and handicap entrance to his business.  Littlepage advised he has several reasons for the City to consider before allowing a street closure.  He stated that it could be a fire hazard since a fire could only be fought from 6th Street.  Several utility trucks need access to service the series of poles along the street.  Garbage pick-up is at the rear of all the businesses along 6th Street and if the garbage truck does not have access from Court Street then businesses would be required to place their trash along 6th Street.  He attended a meeting with City Attorney R.F. Stein and Dallas Kayser and Jim Rossi who represent Trinity Church pertaining to this matter.  At the meeting, Littlepage recommended that if the Church needs the street closed, they need to consider deeding a 10 foot portion of their parking lot that runs along the Shaw & Tatterson Law Office that would allow an exit onto Main Street.  Littlepage indicated that it appears the Church is only concerned with what suits them.  He is in support for the improvements the Church intends to make but a compromising agreement needs to be met that will allow an alternate route.  A new meeting is to be held with the Church Board and all businesses located on 6th Street to discuss Court Street.  He invited all Council members to attend.  Councilman Juniper stated he thought the issue of closing Court Street had been previously tabled until all parties met and came to a compromising agreement.  Juniper said he felt Mr. Littlepage made several great points and the businesses need to be taken care of in that area.  Councilman Doeffinger advised Council would not take any action until the meeting is held and City Attorney Stein should be the one to attend on the City’s behalf.  

Molly Park (Point Pleasant in Bloom & Tu-Endie-Wei Garden Club) asked to address Council concerning the recent tree topping that took place throughout the City.  She indicated that tree topping stresses trees, causes decay, and slowly kills the tree.  Ms. Park stated that this happens every two to three years and it is very offensive and embarrassing to visitors.  The clubs she is involved in are trying to make Point Pleasant a more attractive place to visit.  Ms. Park also said the City needs to consult an arborist when they wish to trim trees.  She suggested contacting Larry Six with Natural Resources for advice.  Several Council members advised that the topping should not have taken place since they were told not to do this in the past.  Councilman Doeffinger stated that topping dooms the tree a slow death and whoever approved this should get a book to read about topping a tree.  Doeffinger stated that all the trees in town were done this way and it should not happen again.  Mayor Billings advised that Willie Call is the one in charge of the trees and he advised it was time to do this.  Billings said Fetty’s Tree Service trimmed the trees a few years ago and they bloomed nicely in his opinion. Billings stated some people disagree but he was advised it needed to be done.  Several Council members stated they know the last time this happened, Mr. Call was advised not to do it again.  Councilman Juniper apologized and said Council did not approve the topping.  Doeffinger spoke for Councilwoman Sang by advising Ordinance 905 needs to be updated since it states the Street Commissioner shall by virtue of his office be the Street Tree Director giving complete authority, control, and supervision of all trees.  Councilwoman Smith asked for ordinance 905 to be amended and on the March agenda.  Doeffinger said trees on Main Street need to removed and replaced with more suitable trees.  He suggested a fundraiser be held to cover the cost of trees and when trimming is required an arborist be contacted to do it properly.  Mr. Juniper recommended that if the crossing is closed at 14th Street the money should be spent on replacing trees on Main Street.  Doeffinger said trees need to be replaced along the flood wall walking trail too. 


William Park made a motion to approve the minutes of the regular council meeting for January 10, 2011 and a second was given by Gary Cotton. Motion to approve minutes passed 8-0.  A motion made by Mr. Park was seconded by James Bowles to approve the financial statements of the General, Coal Severance, Water and Sewer Funds for the month of January 2011.  The financial statements were approved 8-0.  Councilman Park made a motion to approve the outstanding obligations for the month of January 2011, and Mr. Bowles seconded the motion.  Councilman Cotton asked if the City was paid for decorations and other supplies provided for the Krodel Light Show.  Teka McCauley, administrative assistant, advised that Main Street had submitted payment to the City.  Councilman Juniper advised that before next year’s light show, an agreement needed to be reached with Main Street to aid in the cost of electric for the lights.  Juniper also about the electric bill for Neal Road He wanted to know if the permanent campers are on that meter. Ms. McCauley indicated she was not sure what that meter covers.  Councilman Doeffinger asked if the rental fees collected for the permanent campers is enough to cover electric and costs.  It was mentioned that last year Council discussed installing electric meters for the permanent camper sites.  Mayor Billings advised he would have it researched.  Motion to approve outstanding obligations passed 8-0.  


Mayor Billings announced that Attorney R.F. Stein was ill and was not able to attend the Council meeting.

The Mayor asked Councilwoman Linda Smith if she would discuss the waterfowl ordinance that was to be addressed by the attorney.  Smith advised that the Krodel Campground Manager informed the recreational committee that there are several visitors at Krodel that are feeding waterfowl.  The recreational committee asked for Attorney Stein to address the issue in an ordinance prohibiting the feeding of waterfowl.  A copy of the ordinance was given to Council in their packets and Ms. Smith made a motion to approve the first reading of the proposed ordinance, while Mr. Doeffinger added the second.  Councilman Park asked how strict would they be on kids.  Mr. Doeffinger advised that it would be good for the campground manager to monitor and enforce the ordinance.  Juniper stated that most of the ordinances are not strongly enforced now.  The ordinance prohibiting the feeding of waterfowl passed 8-0.  

Council took the opportunity to discuss the Court Street issue.  Mr. Doeffinger advised the meeting should be held and hopefully they can reach a compromising agreement.  Doeffinger recommended the possibility of exchanging property for property.  Sam Juniper made a motion to table the issue until parties meet and address Council with an outcome.  Mr. Doeffinger added the second motion which passed 8-0.




City Clerk Amber Tatterson told Council the Xerox lease for the coping machine at the Water Office was expiring within the next month and Xerox has provided a new proposal.  Rates were included in council packets for the water office, as well as, the machine for the City Building.  The handout recommends the Xerox 7120 for the water office which will increase the color copy production and has scanning abilities.  The lease includes service calls, all ink and toner, etc.  Signing a new lease and upgrading the equipment will save $500 annually. Ms. Sang asked if rates have been compared with other companies.  Tatterson advised that she has not checked rates, Xerox provided exchange proposals since the current lease is expiring.  She indicated she can research other companies and present it to Council if desired.  Tatterson mentioned that the City has been with the Xerox Company for over five years and they have a local serviceman, which can be a benefit for the City.  The Clerk advised that if a new lease is not signed then the City will begin to pay for all service calls, supplies, and any issues that might arise.  Juniper asked if we pay for service calls now.  Tatterson said the current lease covers service calls and the exchange proposal includes a service fee on a monthly basis.  Tatterson then discussed the machine proposal for the City Building.  She recommended the Xerox 7530 machine since it production is equivalent to the current machine and it would save over $800 annually.  She advised that this machine has scanning capability and scan to USB.  The scanning feature will be a time saver to many employees and the scan to USB can be used by the Police Department to print investigation photos.  The Clerk said the buyout option for the current copier at the City building would be over $2500 and then the machine becomes the City’s responsibility for all supplies and service calls, which could become a huge expense.  Tatterson advised if the current machines were exchanged for the 7120 and the 7530 it would save $1335 annually and it is an opt-out lease agreement.  Xerox will exchange the machines and connect all the computers that use that copier.  Ms. Smith said she feels most copying companies have comparable rates and you can get better rates when signing a new lease.  Tatterson asked Council how they wish to proceed.  Administrative Assistant, Teka McCauley, advised that rates could change if the City decides to wait.  Gary Cotton made a motion to go with the lease proposal the Clerk recommends and Mr. Doeffinger added the second motion.  The motion passed 8-0.

Tatterson then spoke with Council concerning the bid results for a vehicle for the City Inspector.  The inspector provided bid rates in the packets and the WV State bid is considerably lower.  Mr. Juniper indicated he thought it was discussed that the City really did not need a four-wheel drive vehicle.  Tatterson advised that in the prior meeting Ms. Sang asked if a 4x4 was needed and it was discussed that the Inspector would like the extra cargo room.  Additionally the small sport utility vehicle priced on the WV State bid list was lower than a mid-sized car priced on the same list.  Tatterson also advised that she and the Inspector listened to the recorded Council minutes and the motion was made to put the vehicle out to bid.  Councilman Doeffinger stated that with the current weather in Point Pleasant, a four-wheel drive would be useful.  Mr. Park also advised that a 4x4 would be needed at this time to do any inspections behind the flood wall with all the work taking place by the Corps of Engineers.  Mr. Doeffinger made a motion to purchase the vehicle from the WV State bid list and Gary Cotton added the second, and the motion passed 7-0-1 with Sang abstaining.        

Tatterson advised Council a finance meeting would be held February 22nd at 6:30 to discuss the 2011-2012 budget.  Tatterson also informed Council that she, the Mayor, and accountant Shannon Pearson would be attending the 2011 Auditor’s Budget Preparation Workshop being held in Charleston February 9, 2011.  It is a free workshop that provides updates for the upcoming budget.

The Clerk read a resolution to authorize application for West Virginia Community Participation Grant Funds for $20,000 for Riverfront Murals and golf carts for visitor transportation.  A motion was made by Barbara Brown and seconded by Leota Sang, which passed 8-0.

Clerk Tatterson concluded with reminding Council a Neighborhood Watch meeting is scheduled for February 8, 2011 at the Mid-Ohio Valley Center at 6:45 in room 116.  She also told Council she conducted a random drug and alcohol testing on February 3rd and there were no incidents to report at this time.

Tatterson then allowed Councilman Juniper to speak concerning Ordinance 107.06 pertaining to Nominations, Nominating Conventions and Certification of Candidates.  Juniper made a motion to change the ordinance to eliminate the convention style nominations and create and ordinance under chapter three of WV code for a non-partisan election.  Ms. Sang added the second motion.  Juniper advised that the ordinance states, the chairman of the Republican or the Democratic Party in the City may call the convention for the purpose of nominating candidates.  Paragraph (b) refers to WV Code that pertains to independents who wish to file for office.    The Mayor stated he thought you were able to do nominations by convention or by a primary election.  He also said perhaps the decision should be up to the public of how the nomination process should occur.  Juniper stated that if it is changed to a non-partisan it would allow more people to file and run for office, the convention way does not give everyone the opportunity.  Juniper said the Huntington newspaper had an article about how the State changed from the convention style to a primary election and the cost of a primary is far less antagonizing then having a packed room to select a Governor candidate at a party convention.  Juniper again said he would like for the 2012 election to be an open election since it is likely that the Charter would have to be changed in order to hold a primary and general election.  Juniper said the City attorney will need to research this issue for Council.  Juniper told Council that the Town of Mason used to be by convention and they changed to non-partisan.  The change has seemed to be beneficial for them since the town is really developing.  Ms. Sang stated that she would like to see a primary election.  Mayor Billings advised it is his understanding that if changing to a primary and general election, it would be necessary to put it on the ballot for the public to vote and pass.  Sang said perhaps the public should vote on it.  The change would allow for interested individuals who want to do something good for the City to run rather than wait for the conventions to allow them to run.  After further discussion on what the process would require to make the change Mr. Doeffinger made a motion to table the issue until it can be discussed with the City Attorney.  Linda Smith added the second motion which passed 8-0.      


Mayor Brian Billings advised Council that during the public hearing held prior to tonight’s meeting the City received no verbal or written comments for the proposed amendment to Article 165 pertaining to the City’s pay ordinance.  Mayor Billings asked for a motion to approve the final reading of the pay ordinance for 2012.  The pay ordinance will increase the 2012 Mayor’s salary to $45,000 and the City Clerk’s salary to $41,000. Councilman William Park made a motion to approve the final reading while James Bowles added the second motion.  Ms. Sang told Council she will support the pay change but she wants the City to investigate the process for candidate nominations and consider doing a primary and general election.  Mayor Billings advised Ms. Sang the only change being voted on by passing this amendment is to change the Mayor and Clerk’s salary for 2012.  Councilman Juniper said that he would like to see the third and final reading amended to reflect $21,875 of the Clerk’s salary being paid from the general fund while the remaining $13,125 is taken out of the sewer fund.  Juniper made a motion to amend the salary for the final reading and Gary Cotton added the second which passed 8-0.  Billings made the final call to approve the third and final reading of Ordinance 165, which passed 8-0.

The Mayor told Council that Street Commissioner, Willie Call provided him with a list of council considerations for the Street Department.  They have asked for a truck to replace the 1994 crew cab truck that is used as a second snow plow and spreader.  This truck is in bad shape and they ask for a comparable replacement.  The Street Department has also asked for a newer model backhoe.  Mayor Billings advised that he feels the departments can share backhoes if necessary rather than making a purchase.  This is the year to buy a garbage truck to replace the 1996 truck.  Current the City owns a 2006, 2001, and the 1996.  The trucks have been on a five year replacement rotation and the 2006 truck will be paid off October 2011.  The balance of the loan for this truck is $20,223.  After this truck is paid off Council will need to consider bids for a new truck.  To do a complete update of the mower fleet, Call has asked Council to consider purchasing a 60” zero-turn mower.  Currently the City owns a mower for the flood wall, three small Bobcat mowers used for the cemeteries and the new 60” mower that was purchase in 2010.  Mr. Call’s list concluded with asking for two personnel replacements that currently are vacant for a mechanic and electrician.  Mayor Billings advised the jobs have been posted and the positions are still vacant.  Councilman Doeffinger made a motion to put bid specs out for the 60” zero-turn mower for the Street Department.  Linda Smith added the second motion which passed 8-0.  Smith asked for Council to consider bidding the purchase of a mower for the Krodel campground manager since he has been using his personal riding mower to help with the Street Departments duties at Krodel.  The mower shall be kept at Krodel so it there when needed and paid from the street department.  Ms. Smith made a motion to purchase a 40” to 50” zero-turn mower for Krodel.  Barbara Brown added the second, which passed 8-0.  

Councilman Juniper asked to speak concerning B&O taxes that should have been received from the new home that was constructed on Main Street by AB Contracting.  Juniper referred to a conversation in January’s meeting concerning Mr. Bell not claiming B&O taxes on the construction project.  Attorney Stein had previously stated that Mr. Bell may not have paid taxes since he apparently traded property for property.  Juniper advised that the ordinance states B&O taxes in relation to contraction includes the furnishing of work, or both work and materials, in the fulfillment of a contract for the construction, alteration, repair, decoration, or improvement of a new or existing building or structure, or any part thereof, or for the alteration, improvement, or development of real property.  Doeffinger advised that Bell used sub-contractors and they are subject to B&O taxes for their involvement in the project and the general contractor then pays for what the sub-contractor performs.  After much discussion, it was decided to consult with Attorney Stein since he has background information and it is a legal issue at question.  Clerk Tatterson offered to send a copy of the City ordinance to Mr. Bell so he is aware of his responsibilities as the general contractor and to ask for a list of the sub-contractors on the project. 

Mayor Billings told Council the piece of steel from the World Trade Center has been received and plans include having the piece cleaned up and encased with a plaque.  Then officially dedicate it with the AmVets at the Tenth Anniversary on September 11, 2011.  

Billings advised that the City will be submitting samples of drinking water to the Berkley Springs International Water Tasting to see how our water rates with other Municipalities internationally.  Mr. Cotton thought it was a good project to inspire the Water Department to produce good quality water.  Mr. Doeffinger told Council that a few years ago; Lesage in West Virginia was judged and voted best tasting spring water in the world.

Mayor Billings concluded with discussing information from Council packets concerning regulations from Federal Highway Administrations.  Councilwoman Sang told Council that when she attended the West Virginia Municipal League Conference in August 2010, they discussed the changes to signage and she thinks that someone should come and speak with the City concerning the regulation issues.  Sang advised that it appears Mr. Call has met the 2012 guidelines and that he should not proceed forward until someone meets with the City to discuss the next phase of the regulations.  Commissioner Call recommended getting an early start to pro-rate our costs to $500 to $600 monthly until completed before demand and pricing increase.  Mayor Billings stated that Mr. Call wanted Council’s thoughts and perhaps he did not present the information properly.  He advised he would speak with Mr. Call and report to Council at a later date.   


Sewer Committee (NPPDP) Councilman Doeffinger updated Council concerning the most recent development with the project.  The trunk alignment has been presented down the middle of the road on Kanawha Street.  Just before the truck approaches the bridge near Southern States, it will go right toward the river.  This prevents entering and disturbing Mr. Neville’s property, as well as, relocating gas and water lines that run along Neville’s property.  The alignment between 26th and 27th Streets has been changed.  Doeffinger authorized Burgess & Niple to do additional camera work north of 28th Street.  The results are back and he will likely be calling a sewer committee meeting for an update.  

Mayor Billings took the opportunity to inform Council that he has heard the Jefferson Boulevard Bridge may be completely shut down for a week.  He has tried to make contact with State Road and the contractors to ask about the schedule of events but no one is returning calls or making contact with him.  Mr. Doeffinger recommended contacting the Division of Highways since they are heading the project.  The DOH should be able to provide contact information for the project manager.     

Council Concerns

Gary Cotton asked the Mayor for figures showing the labor and costs associated with the Krodel Park Light Show.  Cotton would like for Mr. Humphreys, with Main Street Program to give an estimate on the donations received.  Cotton stated that City workers are being paid for hours worked assembling and disassembling the light show, yet all proceeds are going to Main Street.

James Bowles made a motion to close the 14th Street Railroad Crossing and Linda Smith added the second motion.  Mr. Juniper advised that it would be necessary to have the City Attorney research the proper procedure for closing the crossing.  Sam Juniper made a motion to amend Bowles’ motion to utilize the $10,000 from the crossing closure for replacing trees in downtown Point Pleasant with the assistance of an arborist.  Mr. Doeffinger added the second motion and the motion passed unanimously.  Final call to approve the crossing closure passed 8-0.   

Robert Doeffinger recommended for Council to look at the work being done behind the flood wall by the Corps of Engineers.  He said he is amazed by the scope of working taking place.  He also mentioned that when replacing trees in downtown Point Pleasant, some funds need to be set aside for trees along the flood wall walking trail.  Mayor Billings advised that the Corps may have to approve trees being planted.  Doeffinger asked if the Corps will be responsible for repairs to the service road and walking trail along the flood wall.  Billings advised he will find out what they can do for the City.  

Leota Sang stated the budget has $500 for the Homeless Shelter and $500 for the Senior Citizens and those funds need to be dispersed for their use.  Sang stated that the City Inspector’s report indicated he sent an application to the Historic Landmark Commission concerning property at 300 Main Street.  She advised that the commission did not receive an application.  Mayor Billings indicated that the Inspector advised him that he contacted the owner of the property on Main Street and the owner indicated he wants to sale or demolish the property; however he is unable to do so because of the Historic Landmark Commission.  Billings also advised that after the inspector told him this, Gillispie Construction visited the City Building ready to demo the property for the owner.  The inspector then advised the owner to complete a request application to submit to the Historic Landmark Commission.  Mr. Bowles stated that if the building costs more to repair then to demolish then the HLC needs to allow the property to be demolished.  Mr. Doeffinger said that is correct, however it is the City Inspector’s responsibility to state the property has been condemned and submit a letter to the HLC for their review.  Billings stated he thought the application had been forwarded to the HLC, perhaps it has not been submitted by the property owner.

William Park advised that it appears that Custom Fuel is leasing to AEP and they should be paying B&O taxes on that property.      

Sam Juniper stated he noticed the City plowing Rosary Lane on January 28th and this is outside city limits.  They did not plow in the City and should not have been doing so outside the City.  Billings advised he would ask about the situation.  Juniper told Council he had figures for overtime that was paid over the months of May through December 2010.  He said that $22,000 was paid out in those eight months and overtime was supposed to be cut at Council’s request.  Mayor Billings told Juniper that some of the overtime is reimbursed.  He stated that Pleasant Valley Hospital reimburses the City for garbage pick-up they receive on Saturdays.  In the past the City charged them $50 per Saturday and now they are paying $200 per Saturday.  Billings then listed various events that contribute to overtime.  Juniper advised that he understands the City assists with weekend activities but employee schedules should be changed by taking a day off through the week when they are working on the weekend.  Juniper also said that some of the overtime is from City workers helping with the light show.  He said that they are working on the lights when they could be doing work that is required for the City.  The Mayor stated that if Council does not want the City to help with the Light show then he can tell Main Street they need to find someone else to help.  Juniper said that the City isn’t being compensated for the help they are doing for other organizations.  Juniper told Council the thirty minute restricted property sign is missing from 6th Street.  He contacted John Gerlach and he was unaware but indicated he thought it might have been removed when Construction was taking place at the Courthouse and he would ask the Construction Company.  If they are unable to locate it, they will purchase a new one.  Juniper advised the sign is in the ordinance book and necessary to be replaced.  Juniper concluded by asking to amend the motion for the City Inspector vehicle purchase by stating that the old vehicle should be sold or scrapped, whichever is legal. 

Linda Smith advised that the recycle round-up may be able to help with the disposal of the car.  She indicated that they take cars, tires, and gas tanks.  She also said that Neville’s Wrecker Service has volunteered to donate their time and trucks to haul items for the round-up.

Barbara Brown told the Mayor that a couple of street lights on Warwick that need attention.  Mayor Billings advised he would get the necessary information for the repairs.   


Being no other business, Councilman Park made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:20 p.m.  Linda Smith added the second and the motion carried.



Amber D. Tatterson, City Clerk


Brian L. Billings, Mayor      





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