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April 12, 2010



Mayor Brian Billings X
City Clerk Brian Billings X
City Attorney R F Stein, Jr X
Accountant Shannon Johnson X
Administrative Assistant Teka McCauley X
At Large Gary Cotton X
At Large James Bowels X
First Ward Marshall Bonecutter X
Second Ward Robert C. Doeffinger, Jr. X
Third Ward M. Leota Sang X
Fourth Ward William E. Park X
Fifth Ward Elaine Grimm Hunt X
Sixth Ward Linda Smith X
Seventh Ward Sam Juniper X
Eighth Ward Barbara Brown X


The minutes posted to these pages are the exact words contained in the official minutes on file in the City Clerks office. The format has been changed to make the information easier to read when presented in an Interned browser. Every effort is made to insure accuracy in transferring the information to these pages.  In all cases, the document on file at the City Building will be considered the official document.


The Common Council of the City of Point Pleasant, a Municipal Corporation in Mason County, West Virginia, met in Regular Session at City Hall, 400 Viand Street at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 12, 2010.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Brian L. Billings who led Council in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Dave Snowden- State Auditor’s letter (Police Pension) advised Council the only problem found on the auditor’s report was the discrepancy of the general fund not being reimbursed money from the police pension fund.  The audit also indicated the police pension fund was under funded based on the 2006 actuary report.  Snowden advised the City to make contact with the Prosecuting Attorney to inform him a new actuary is being performed and the City will move forward based on the numbers of that report.  Snowden also informed Council if the City was able to meet the necessary contributions to the fund, then they could receive matching funds from the State.   


Debra Girimont- 14th District House of Delegate Candidate asked to attend the meeting in order to introduce herself to local council members.  She spoke briefly and thanked Council for their time.
Larry Butler/Mt. Vernon Ave- spoke concerning yard debris pick-up.  He indicated in the past the City would occasionally make pick-ups and he had not been charged for bags of debris.  According to Mr. Butler he has had to call for pick-ups and has been told the City is charging fees.  He also indicated that he is picking up others’ trash that is laying around and for that reason he should not charged.    Mayor Billings indicated he would follow up with Street Commissioner Willie Call and let him know what we can do.  Mr. Butler also indicated there is rental property by St. Paul’s Church that has couches and chairs setting along the street now others are driving by and adding to the pile.  Mr. Butler concluded with advising that there are several golf carts traveling the Mt. Vernon area that are unlicensed and likely uninsured.  He wanted to know if it was legal to do so.  Mayor Billings indicated he would speak with Police Chief Ernie Watterson and follow up with the situation.


Gary Cotton made a motion to approve the minutes of the regular council meeting for March 8, 2010 and a second was given by James Bowles. Motion to approve minutes passed unanimously 8-0. 
Dr. William Park made a motion to approve the minutes of the special meeting for March 28, 2010 and a second was given by James Bowles, the motion passed.  A motion made by Linda Smith was seconded by James Bowles to approve the financial statements of the General, Coal Severance, Water and Sewer Funds for the month of March 2010.  Approval of the financial statements passed 8-0.  At that time, Sam Juniper voiced concerns pertaining to the water fund being low and wanted to know how it is operating.  He was advised it would be researched.  He also mentioned that CSO revenues and expenditures are still reflected in the sewer fund financial statements.  Clerk Tatterson told Juniper she was advised by Accountant Jeff Feamster, that even though the CSO is accounted for separately, they still appear as part of the financial statements of the sewer fund.  Juniper asked for Feamster to give a better explanation or to remove the CSO revenues and expenditures from the sewer fund reports.  He advised that with them included, it is not showing an accurate review for the sewer fund.  Leota Sang made a motion to approve the outstanding obligations for the month of March 2010, and William Park seconded the motion.  Mr. Juniper asked why there were 3 different invoices for AEP for 400 Viand Street.  He was advised by Teka McCauley, administrative assistant, that there are different meters for the City building. Juniper also asked about the different invoices for the Krodel area.  He was advised there are different meters that are invoiced.  Leota Sang mentioned the landfill charges being costly and wanted to be sure yard debris and clippings are not contributing to the high cost.  The Mayor indicated they are not suppose to be on the trucks going to the landfill and in turn advised Council he is being asked where to dispose of the debris and clippings.  According to Street Commissioner Willie Call, they have been told not to dump them at the Krodel area or the boat dock area as they have done in the past.  Sam Juniper suggested for the workers to open the bags and spread over the old dump site as they did in the past.  The Mayor said he would pass word on to Mr. Call.  Final vote to approve outstanding obligations was called and passed 8-0.      


City attorney R.F. Stein asked Council for a motion to approve the third and final reading of the proposed Pay/Salary Ordinance.  Dr. William Park made the first motion and Linda Smith added the second motion.  Councilman Juniper advised Stein that he still doesn’t agree with how the City Clerk’s pay is only $4,800 for an elected position while the Treasurer’s pay is $35,034.76 for an appointed position.  The two jobs are not directly linked as they are now, but should be in the future.  Juniper was advised that Council can make amendments at a later date, but the ordinance needs to be passed to comply with WV Code.  Robert Doeffinger stated that he would make a motion to begin the amendment process in the next meeting.  Stein called for a final vote which passed 8-0.




City Clerk Amber Tatterson discussed a draft for the proposed
Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Policy for the City of Point Pleasant.  She called for a motion to approve and adopt the drafted policy.  Sam Juniper made the first motion while Gary Cotton added the second.  The motion passed unanimously 8-0.  Tatterson then informed Council the City did not receive any bids for the rental of the Krodel Concession Building.  A legal ad ran in the local newspaper stating the bid would open April 8, 2010 and all bids would be presented to City Council at the April 12th meeting.  The ad ran on March 19th and 25th, however, there were no bids received.
Tatterson informed Council the City received a letter from the State Auditor’s Office giving a conditional approval for the annual budget for 2010-2011.  The letter indicated there were no appropriations for account 435 Regional Council dues.  Tatterson advised Council the dues were being paid from account 440 line item dues and subscriptions.  She also advised that the problem has been corrected and a letter was sent to the auditor’s office to let them know the problem had been corrected.
Tatterson concluded with reading a proclamation to declare April 17th as “Citywide Clean-up Day”, April 24th as “Citywide Yard Sale Day”, and May 15th and 22nd as “Planting Days in the City”.  At that time, Leota Sang announced Point Pleasant in Bloom did not have an anonymous donor this year for the group with the most bags collected.  Attorney Stein offered to be the donor.  Leota Sang made the first motion to approve the dates and Gary Cotton added the second motion which passed 8-0. 


Mayor Billings advised Council copies for the Mayor’s Night Out music line-up for 2010 were in their packets for review.  The line-up includes country, rock, gospel, and blues music.  Billings asked for a motion to continue the Mayor’s Night Out.  Gary Cotton made the first motion and Linda Smith added the second.  The motion passed 7-1, with Sam Juniper opposing.  The Mayor then advised Council, Bruce Chapman of the sewer department, has asked for Council’s approval to begin the bid process to purchase a new dump truck as outlined in the North Point Pleasant Drainage project.  The estimated cost would be approximately $80,000 and the CSO account would be used for the purchase.  Gary Cotton made the first motion while Barbara Brown added the second.  The motion passed unanimously 8-0. 
Mayor Billings spoke with Council concerning a letter received from the division of highways pertaining to the Jefferson Avenue Bridge project.  The letter indicated they would have a contractor from the department that will perform all work necessary to relocate and/or adjust water line facilities within the scope of the subject project at the project expense, as a cost of construction.  The Mayor advised he spoke with Steve Gardner of the water department, concerning this matter and Mr. Gardner agreed it would be best for the highway department to take care of the necessary changes.  Billings asked for a motion to allow the department of transportation to take care of the water lines.  Dr. William Park made the first motion while Barbara Brown added the second.  The motion passed 8-0.  Mayor Billings then asked for Councilman Sam Juniper to speak concerning a planning commission meeting that was held on March 23, 2010 to discuss and consider action on the request from Trinity United Methodist Church.  Members present were Jack Coles, Kip Hartenbach, Jack Sturgeon, and Sam Juniper. The Church proposed to close the alley known as Court Street that runs between the Church building and parking lot.  The Planning commission voted to abandon the alley which passed 3-0-1, with Kip Hartenbach abstaining.  Juniper advised Council of the commissions’ recommendation.  Robert Doeffinger asked if it would be necessary to auction or advertise the property and asked if the City could just enter an agreement with the Church so it would not be a problem should the City need to get the property back in the future.  Linda Smith made a motion for Attorney Stein to make contact with Trinity Church to reach an agreement and then present it to Council for a vote.  James Bowles added the second and the motion passed 8-0.

Mayor Billings concluded with speaking to Council concerning a conversation that took place in the December meeting that pertained to hiring two part-time employees.  The Mayor had been asked by the Street Commissioner Willie Call, to hire two part-time employees.  Call was advised to wait until spring so they could be hired on a seasonal basis to assist with the mowing.  Billings asked Council to consider hiring two part-time employees for two months with no benefits and no overtime.  Sam Juniper asked if the City could afford the additional pay, and was advised by Clerk Tatterson, the cost would be minimal and would not cause any strain on finances.  Juniper made the motion to hire 2 part-time employees on a seasonal basis of 2 months with no benefits or overtime.  James Bowles added the second and the motion passed 8-0.
Billings advised Council he had a few emergency items that need to be addressed.  Kanawha Street Bridge has an erosion problem that needs to be repaired.  The required repairs will take approximately one week and the road will be closed in that area beginning April 13th, 2010.  Councilman Cotton asked the Mayor if when the State begins construction on the Jefferson Avenue Bridge and traffic is diverted to Kanawha Street, could they consider Kanawha Street a State road and be responsible for making the necessary repairs if something should occur due to the high traffic volume and extra weight that the bridge will sustain.  The Mayor advised he would speak with the street commissioner to ask if that question has been considered.  Billings also mentioned the recreational committee would be meeting concerning the opening of Harmon Park Pool.  Mayor Billings concluded with informing Council of an accident that occurred with the floodwall.  A vehicle struck the floodwall and caused a small amount of damage.

*At 8:21 p.m. Sam Juniper made a motion to go into executive sessions to discuss personnel matters.  Gary Cotton added the second motion which passed 8-0.

*At 8:56 Gary Cotton made a motion to come out of executive session and Juniper added the second motion which passed 8-0.   


Council Concerns

Gary Cotton spoke concerning the water usage of the pool last year.  He indicated that there is a possible leak and a check meter should be considered. 

James Bowles advised there is property on Ohio Street that has debris in the yard and the owner is just mowing around it.  He stated he complained about it two years ago to the City inspector and it is still a problem that needs to be addressed.  He also indicated several yards in the North Main Street Alley area need to be addressed due to the condition.  He stated one resident in that area has received a letter concerning her property, yet the inspector didn’t contact others in the area.  Bowles wants the inspector to be fair and address all issues in the area and not single out individuals.  Leota stated that she felt that if the inspector would issue citations then it might help to get the properties cleaned up.  Linda Smith also stated that if a letter or citation is issued by the inspector, Council would like to have a follow-up report of what is being done about the problem.  Juniper advised he would like to see the inspector do daily inspections in the City to be sure construction projects have permits and licenses and issue citations when needed.  If he issues a citation he should follow-up in ten days to collect.  The Mayor advised he thought this was all being taken care of by the inspector and he would speak with him. 

Robert Doeffinger stated legislature has made it easier to deal with abandoned property.  He advised that Point Pleasant needs to get a copy and read over to see what it might allow the City to do with all the property in the area that have been a problem for years. 

Leota Sang wanted to express her appreciation to the street department for cleaning the 2016 Alley beside Harmon Park.  Sang also asked if the City has any type of alert system in place to alert citizens of storms or disasters.  She said she contacted Bob Baird, County Commissioner, to ask if the County is using any type of system.  He told her it is a cost per call system which can be very costly.  Sang also mentioned it is mowing season and residents need to be reminded that they should not be blowing grass clippings into the street.  She thought the newspaper and radio station would be a good way to get the word out to the citizens.  Sang concluded with asking the Mayor if there was any news for road repairs in the Third Ward.  The Mayor indicated he has not received any further information. 

Linda Smith advised Council she would be having a pool meeting and hopes to begin a water aerobics class for the summer.  She also asked for City Attorney Stein to follow up with the Board of education for the location of the skate park so the project could move forward. 

Sam Juniper gave Clerk Tatterson with a list of residents that own Class IV properties in Point Pleasant.  He asked that she check to see if they are paying Business & Occupational taxes for rent they are receiving from the properties.  He also asked if the Mayor heard anything back from Diane Cromley about adding service fees to this upcoming ballot.  At that time there were concerns voiced about the need of re-aligning the wards prior to the next election.  Juniper asked for an update on the Police Pension reimbursement and was told the Police Pension Board obtained a lawyer.  Juniper concluded with asking for more police patrols in his ward. 

Barbara Brown voiced concerns of kids riding motorbikes up and down the streets in her ward.  The kids are speeding and are going to get hurt.  Mayor Billings advised he would have the area patrolled more frequently.       

Being no other business, Sam Juniper made a motion to recess the meeting until April 20th, 2010.  William Park added the second and the motion carried.

Amber D. Tatterson City Clerk ________________________

Brian L. Billings Mayor________________________










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