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March 9, 2009



Mayor Leonard (Buster) Riffle X
City Clerk Brian Billings X
City Attorney R F Stein, Jr X
Accountant Shannon Johnson X
Administrative Assistant Teka McCauley X
At Large Gary Cotton X
At Large Joe Supple X
First Ward Marshall Bonecutter X
Second Ward Robert C. Doeffinger, Jr. X
Third Ward M. Leota Sang X
Fourth Ward William E. Park X
Fifth Ward Elaine Grimm Hunt X
Sixth Ward Linda Smith X
Seventh Ward Sam Juniper X
Eighth Ward Barbara Brown X


The minutes posted to these pages are the exact words contained in the official minutes on file in the City Clerks office. The format has been changed to make the information easier to read when presented in an Interned browser. Every effort is made to insure accuracy in transferring the information to these pages.  In all cases, the document on file at the City Building will be considered the official document.


The Common Council of the City of Point Pleasant, a Municipal Corporation in Mason County, West Virginia, met in Regular Session at City Hall, 400 Viand Street at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, March 9, 2009.
     The meeting was called to order by Mayor Leonard F. Riffle who led Council in the Pledge of Allegiance.




Gary Cotton made the motion to approve the minutes of the regular council meeting on Monday, February 9, 2009, and a second was given by Marshall Bonecutter and the motion passed (8 – 1) with Sam Juniper voting no.  Juniper advised he wanted on the record that the grant passage from the last meeting for $160,000 Main Street / A. F. Kiser house was not on the agenda.  A motion by Marshall Bonecutter and seconded by Barbara Ann Brown to approve the financial statements of the General, Coal
Severance, Water and Sewer Funds for the month of February 2009, was approved by council. Marshall Bonecutter made a motion to approve the outstanding obligations for the month of February 2009, and Robert Doeffinger gave the second and motion passed (8 – 1) with Sam Juniper voting against. 


City Attorney R.F. Stein shared with council that he had put a timeline together on the Yeager property from the beginning to the present date.  Stein feels the best way to handle the issue is to go through the Mason County Circuit Court.  Marshall Bonecutter made a motion to allow the city attorney to proceed through the Mason County Circuit Court.  Gary Cotton seconded the motion and it passed.



City Clerk Brian Billings asked council to approve the 2009 – 2010 Budget ($2,770,941.00) and the Coal Severance Budget ($12,000.00).  Councilman Juniper made a motion to have the budget referred back to the Finance Committee to go over because of changes that had been made since the last finance meeting.  Council gave no second to Junipers motion.  Billings then called for a motion once again for approval and Robert Doeffinger made the motion to approve with M. Leota Sang adding the second and the motion passed (7-1-1) Joe Supple abstaining and Juniper voting against.


Mayor Riffle advised council that he had not heard from the judge that presided over the Sewer Rate Protest Hearing.  Council was told that the only item the city had received was 120 pages of transcript.  Riffle told of the need to remove a tree from the Lone Oak Cemetery that borders property on Mossman Circle.  The price to remove would be at a cost of $700.00.  Marshall Bonecutter made the motion to approve with Barbara Ann Brown adding the second and the motion passed.  Gary Cotton abstained from voting.  Mayor Riffle then asked council to approve the purchase of a Bob Cat Mower for $4,900.00 from Jim’s Farm Equipment.  Robert Doeffinger made the motion to purchase and Linda Smith added the second and the motion passed.  The mayor then asked for direction on the pending PSD project to the Point Pleasant Sewer Plant.  After discussion on the issue Robert Doeffinger made a motion to direct the mayor, city attorney and outside council to negotiate an agreement with the Mason County PSD where the city will treat their sanitary sewage pumped to the city’s plant for review and take action by council.  Marshall Bonecutter secured the second and the motion passed (7-1-1) with Joe Supple abstaining and Sam Juniper voting against.  Robert Doeffinger then submitted to council the cost for the aerial photography and topographic mapping for the Point Pleasant drainage project.  Doeffinger explained that the total cost for this part would cost the city $13,113.00.  Councilman Doeffinger further explained that timing at this point was an issue of getting the aerial photos of the project area.  The cost of the aerial photography, photo lab and ground control would cost right around $5,884.00.  Gary Cotton then made a motion to proceed, allowing $6,000.00 for this phase with Sam Juniper adding the second and the motion passed. Council then was advised of the water department monitoring violations.  Riffle shared with council that he had been in contact with the West Virginia Department of Health.  The mayor went over all aspects of the violations and the conversation he and the city clerk had with the WVHD.  Riffle told council that the city water is safe and procedures are underway to correct the issue. 



Joe Supple – Announced that he would be resigning from council effective tonight. Supple advised that he and his wife had purchased a home outside of the city limits. 
Robert Doeffinger – Shared his concern on the floodwall and felt that the caulking may need to be replaced in sections of the floodwall.  Mayor Riffle advised that he would contact the Corp of Engineers and ask that they inspect the floodwall. 
Leota Sang – Advised council that the city wide cleanup day is Saturday, April 4, 2009.  She will need to purchase 100 t-shirts to give out to those who participate.  Several council members advised that they will help defray the cost of the t-shirts as they did last year.  Sang expressed her disapproval of the trees that were cutand or trimmed throughout the downtown area.  She asked that all fire hydrants be checked to make sure they are working correctly.  Also she would like trash cans to be placed at the tennis court at Harmon Park. 
Linda Smith – Told council members that Lynn Tupes class at the Mason County Career Center is working on a scale model of the proposed skate park. 
Sam Juniper – Shared with council the amount of dollars spent on the Krodel Park Christmas Lights.  Juniper advised that the Main Street Committee had received during 2007 and 2008 roughly $28,000.00 and that the city had spent over $15,662.00 in supplies for the light show over the same period.  This figure does not include city labor or the electric bill. Juniper asked about the $4,000.00 that a boat company owed the city.  Councilman Juniper felt Denny Bellamy should come to the next meeting to give an update on the issue.  Juniper also spoke on the many gallons of water that go unaccounted for and PSC forms that have been filed with some pages not being filled in.

Mayor Leonard Riffle then asked council how they wanted to proceed on finding a replacement for Joe Supple.  Council members decided to select a nominating committee and then have the committee report back at a special meeting to be held on Monday, March 23, 2009 at 7:00 P.M.  Members that will make up the committee include Gary Cotton, Sam Juniper and Barbara Ann Brown.   


Being no other business, M. Leota Sang made a motion to adjourn.  Robert Doeffinger added the second and being unanimously approved, the meeting adjourned at 9:12 p.m.

___________________                __________________
Brian L. Billings                 Leonard F. Riffle
City Clerk                        Mayor   












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