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Council Minutes


February 11, 2008





Mayor Marilyn McDaniel X
City Clerk Brian Billings X
City Attorney R F Stein, Jr X
Accountant Shannon Johnson X
Administrative Assistant Teka McCauley X
At Large Gary Cotton X
At Large Joe Supple X
First Ward Marshall Bonecutter X
Second Ward Robert C. Doeffinger, Jr. X
Third Ward M. Leota Sang X
Fourth Ward William E. Park X
Fifth Ward Elaine Grimm Hunt X
Sixth Ward Linda Smith X
Seventh Ward Sam Juniper X
Eighth Ward Barbara Brown X


The minutes posted to these pages are the exact words contained in the official minutes on file in the City Clerks office. The format has been changed to make the information easier to read when presented in an Interned browser. Every effort is made to insure accuracy in transferring the information to these pages.  In all cases, the document on file at the City Building will be considered the official document.


The Common Council of the City of Point Pleasant, a Municipal Corporation in Mason County, West Virginia, met in Regular Session at City Hall, 400 Viand Street at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, February 11, 2008.

Marshall Bonecutter led Council in prayer. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Marilyn L. McDaniel who led Council in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Tim Utt/Burgess & Niple – Appeared before council to give an update on the wastewater treatment plant.  Utt also explained that in the next two weeks he will have the complete dollar portion of the report.  Mayor McDaniel advised she had an invoice from Burgess & Niple in the amount of $5,004.00, for services provided by the firm for the period of December 24, 2007 – January 20, 2008.  The invoice is for 36% of the total amount requested which is $13,900.00, in accordance with our agreement dated December 10, 2007.  Upon the request by the mayor to pay, Robert Doeffinger made the motion and Elaine Hunt added the second and the motion passed. Discussion was then held with the involvement of the Mason County Commission and their part of paying $10,000.00.  Sam Juniper added that the commission was not mentioned in the contract that had been signed by the mayor.  Mayor McDaniel told council it was a verbal agreement to do so and that it had been discussed by the commissioners.  Leota Sang suggested that we have in writing a document with the commission mentioned and stating when the money will arrive.  It was determined that an agreement should be drafted by the city attorney stating the obligation for the $10,000.00, by the Mason County Commission.  Once the agreement is finalized it is to be brought before the city council for review prior to signing.  Sam Juniper made the motion to have the city attorney proceed with the agreement in writing with the Mason County Commission and Gary Cotton added the second and the motion unanimously passed. 

Don Booth / Mid – Atlantic Technology Research & Innovation Center – Advised council about the company he works for and the goal of bringing jobs back to the mountain state.  They are a non profit company helping communities find and develop new industry.  Mr. Booth left a booklet with council to look over and hopes to work with the city in the future.

Jack Fowler / River Museum – Updated council members on the progress of the addition and funding of the River Museum.  Mr. Fowler told council that changes had been made since he last appeared before them in regard to funding of the project.  Fowler explained that the project is ready to move forward and needed to have the contract signed.  After explaining how the project will be funded and that the city owns the building and the River Museum Foundation maintains its day to day operation he announced that Dan Hill Construction Company, of Gauley Bridge, W.V., was the low bidder for project at $139,900.00.  Completion and opening of the new addition has been set for June of this year.  Robert Doeffinger made a motion to have the mayor sign the contract and Linda Smith added the second and the motion passed.

Sam Rayburn – Asked to purchase the vacant property at 15th and Ohio Street toward the railroad tracks.   After discussion Sam Juniper made a motion to have the city attorney research the property to make sure that the city owns it.  Marshall Bonecutter then added the second to Juniper’s motion and it passed unanimously. Juniper, asked Mr. Rayburn if he would pay to have the property appraised, if it is determined that the city does own the property. Rayburn agreed to do so once the ownership is determined.

Marcia & Russ Finley - Shared their thoughts on the proposed increases for the municipal service and garbage fees.  Marcia felt the increases were to high and spoke on the effect to herself and the Lowe Hotel.  Russ spoke on the city finding ways to cut expenses, versus increasing fees. 

Chief of Police Ernie Watterson – Council was told of the need of a replacement on the Point Pleasant Police Civil Service Board.  Current Councilman Gary Cotton who has been serving had to step down since being elected to council.  The civil service board consist of three members and currently serving are Cecil Minton and John Sallaz Jr.  Joe Supple asked what the duties of the board were. Chief Watterson explained the various duties and procedures those serving must adhere to.  Watterson shared with council the much needed replacement of security cameras at the Riverfront Park.  The chief said that he and the mayor have been looking into grants and or funding for the replacements.  Watterson gave council members a ball park figure of $15,000 to $20,000.00, to replace the much needed cameras at the park.     



Joe Supple made the motion to approve the minutes of the regular council meeting on Monday, January 7, 2008, a second was given by Barbara Ann Brown and the motion passed. A motion by Sam Juniper and seconded by Marshall Bonecutter to approve the financial statements of the General, Coal Severance, Water and Sewer Funds for the month of January 2008, was approved by council. Sam Juniper made a motion to approve the outstanding obligations for the month of January 2008, and Marshall Bonecutter gave the second and the motion was approved.


City Attorney R.F. Stein advised council that he does not have an update toward the progress of the Franklin property at this time.  He will contact the law firm hired by council to check on the status.  On the Yeager property the city attorney said that he and the city inspector are working on the summons for an upcoming court appearance. The First Street property (Hartley, Hartley & Hartley Inc.) will have to be auctioned to the highest bidder.  Stein explained to council the procedures necessary to begin the process of the sale.  The city attorney will not only handle all legal aspects of the sale, but will also conduct the auction and serve as the auctioneer.  Linda Smith made a motion for the city attorney to proceed with his recommendations and Sam Juniper secured the second and the motion passed.      


Shannon Johnson updated council on the PEIA health insurance increase that is to take effect July 1, 2008.  The increase is 10% per active employee.  Johnson told council the increase per month would be $3,182.44.  Council discussed various options the city and the employees have on the increase.  Shannon will report back to council with more information on the increase. 


City Clerk Billings called for the second reading of the Municipal Service Fee – Article 747 and the second reading of the Garbage Ordinance – Article 953.  A motion by Robert Doeffinger with the right to amend was given on the Municipal Service fee increase and seconded by Bill Park.  The motion passed (6-4) with Sam Juniper, Leota Sang, Gary Cotton and Elaine Hunt voting against the increase.  A motion by Robert Doeffinger with the right to amend was given on the Garbage fee increase and seconded by Marshall Bonecutter.  The motion failed (4-6) with Sam Juniper, Leota Sang, Joe Supple, Barbara Ann Brown, Gary Cotton and Elaine Hunt voting against the increase.

Billings then called for the first reading to revise and amend Part Three – Chapter Three Article 311 (Toy Vehicles on Streets) Section 311.03 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Point Pleasant. Chief of Police Watterson and attorney Stein spoke on the change to the ordinance.  The amended ordinance will read, if passed, as follows:


       No person on roller skates, roller blades, or riding in or by means of any sled, toy vehicle, skateboard, or similar devices shall go upon municipal property, including, but not limited to, any public street, highway, alley, sidewalk, thoroughfare, road, or avenue of the Municipality, except while crossing a street on a crosswalk or on streets set aside as play streets, as the same is defined by ordinance.

A motion by Sam Juniper to except the first reading was seconded by Joe Supple and the motion passed. 


Mayor McDaniel asked for a motion to give the Rodders Car Club a donation of $300.00.  The car club holds a car show in the city each year and this is the annual donation amount given.  Barbara Ann Brown made a motion to approve the donation and Sam Juniper added the second and the motion passed.  The mayor announced the date of “W.V. Make It Shine Statewide Cleanup Day”, it will be held on Saturday, April 12, 2008.  The event will be spear -  headed by the Point Pleasant chapter of America in Bloom.  Jerri Howard President of Point Pleasant in Bloom submitted a letter to Mayor McDaniel asking that a member of council serve on the board.  Councilman Supple said he would serve and represent the city council.  Sam Juniper made a motion to have Supple represent council on the Point Pleasant in Bloom Board.  Gary Cotton then gave the second to Juniper’s motion and it passed.  Mayor McDaniel started to advise council on the purchase of the city truck for the street department when councilman Juniper made a motion to go into executive session at 9:26 p.m. Joe Supple added the second and motion passed for the executive session.  Sam Juniper made a motion at 9:46 p.m. to come out of the executive session and was seconded by Linda Smith and the motion passed.  McDaniel presented the items for submittal to council from the street department.  The mayor shared the request by citizens to make the 3 – Way Intersection at 23rd Street and Washington Avenue into 3 – Way Stops.  Washington Avenue currently has free flow traffic through this intersection and 23rd Street has a stop. Parked vehicles at the school bus garage causes a blind spot for vehicles entering Washington Avenue from a stop on 23rd Street.  Residents believe that stopped vehicles on Washington Avenue can be seen by stopped vehicles on 23rd Street; thereby, reducing risks and fears of potential collisions.  Linda Smith made a motion to begin the process for the request and Leota Sang added the second and the motion passed.  McDaniel advised council of the roof replacement needed at the Floodwall office/garage building.  The roof is currently leaking badly in 2 - 3 places.  It is not leaking above any stored equipment, but causing degradation of the interior corners.  Robert Doeffinger made a motion to seek bids for the replacement of the roof at the flood wall building.  Linda Smith gave the second to the motion and it passed.  Also under street department concerns the mayor asked council to approve the contract for two years with Waste Management.  The cost to dump at the Gallia County land fill would be $33.86 per ton for 12 months beginning May 1, 2008, and $34.50 per ton starting May 1, 2009.  After discussion Sam Juniper made a motion to sign the contract and Robert Doeffinger gave the second and the motion was approved.  Following up on a request to install a new dusk to dawn light at the campground at Krodel Park, the mayor advised that AEP visited and refused to set the pole where the campers requested (can not get their equipment into that area). McDaniel said that the street department can do the work.  The pole would be a 6x6, 14 to 15 feet in length.  Council gave the go ahead to proceed with the installing of the light.  Sam Juniper made the motion and Marshall Bonecutter added the second and the motion passed.  The Mason County Little League submitted a request to the mayor for restrooms to be  built at Harmon Park.  The league has had to rent portable restrooms and locate them throughout the park.  The league is asking for materials to build a restroom in order to make the park more attractive to the fans and guests.  The league will provide volunteers to assist in the building of the restrooms.  Sam Juniper made the motion to assist the league with materials and help from the street department.  Marshall Bonecutter secured the second and the motion passed.      


Gary Cotton – Spoke on the proposal presented to council to purchase Saunders Memorial Field for construction of a City Recreational Park.  The proposal calls for the purchase price of $7.77.  Cotton continued by stating that grants will need to be secured to build a recreation park on the property.  Depending on the funding the park could include an indoor/outdoor Olympic size swimming pool, suitable for year round swimming for  seniors, local and county swim teams and as well as by the public.  Cotton along with Councilman Supple worked on the proposal that Cotton will present at the next Mason County Board of Education meeting.  Cotton made a motion to proceed and Sam Juniper added the second and the motion was approved.  Joe Supple – Shared ideas that Point Pleasant in Bloom had for Krodel Park at no cost to the city.  Marshall Bonecutter – Asked how much money the miniature golf course at Krodel Park brings in for the city.  After discussion and realizing that it is not a profit making adventure for the city, a motion was made by Bonecutter to close the course due to repair needs and lack of profit.  Linda Smith added the second and the motion passsed unanimously.  Bonecutter shared his concerns on cats running wild on 5th Street and added a course of action needed to be taken on complaints that he has received on this.  Robert Doeffinger – Applauded the Point Pleasant in Bloom committee and added it was a good thing for Point Pleasant.  Doeffinger said he would like to see some landscaping done from the foot of the bridge to Gunn Park.  By doing so this would beautify the entrance to the city, Doeffinger added.  Leota Sang – Asked the mayor who checks the fire hydrants in the city (Ward 3) and when were they last checked.  Sang, also shared that she had been contacted about dogs running loose at the 2200 Block of North Main Street.  Linda Smith – Referred council members to the insert in their packets concerning adopting a local curfew.  Smith added that she feels we need something on the books pertaining to a curfew.  After discussion with the city attorney she asked that he look over the one submitted and trim it down or to add what is needed for city council to review.  Sam Juniper – Told council about the 103 million gallons of water lost and 154 million gallons of water pumped in the city from 7/1/06 until 6/30/07.  Juniper recommended that the mayor write a letter to the Public Service Commission in care of James Ellars seeking help to find out where the water loss is going.  Juniper advised council that this request would not cost the city any money.  Councilmen Juniper also wanted to know if the #5 water well is back on stream.  He expressed his concern that the city is running out of water and this well needs to be back up and running.  Barbara Ann Brown – Shared that Tim Scarberry a resident in her ward had spoken to her about Dr. Shah’s vacant lot on Wakefield.  Scarberry advised Barbara that he had talked with the city inspector on this.                


Being no other business, Sam Juniper made a motion to adjourn. Elaine Hunt added the second and being unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 10:42 p.m.



Marilyn McDaniel, Mayor


Brian Billings, City Clerk 






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