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April 09, 2007





Mayor James H. Wilson X  
City Clerk Brian Billings X  
City Attorney James M. Casey X  
Finance / Human Resources Heather Moore X  
Executive Secretary Harriett Nibert X  
Municipal Judge Jeremy T. Vickers   X
At Large Glen Long X  
At Large Kevin R. Nott X  
First Ward James W. Fetty   X
Second Ward Robert C. Doeffinger, Jr. X  
Third Ward M. Leota Sang X  
Fourth Ward William E. Park X  
Fifth Ward Elaine Grimm Hunt X  
Sixth Ward Ronald R. Kapp X  
Seventh Ward William H. Wallace X  
Eighth Ward Carol L. Jones X  


The minutes posted to these pages are the exact words contained in the official minutes on file in the City Clerks office. The format has been changed to make the information easier to read when presented in an Interned browser. Every effort is made to insure accuracy in transferring the information to these pages.  In all cases, the document on file at the City Building will be considered the official document.

J. Glenn Long led Council in prayer. The meeting was called to order by Mayor James H. Wilson who led Council in the Pledge of Allegiance.


SAM JUNIPER – Spoke on the feasibility study of the MCPSD and the cost that city residents will incur.


William H. Wallace made the motion to approve the minutes of the regular council meeting on Monday, March 12, 2007 and a second was given by Ronald R. Kapp and the motion passed. A motion by J. Glenn Long and seconded by Dr. William Park to approve the financial statements of the General, Coal Severance, Water and Sewer Funds for the month of March 2007, was approved by council. J. Glenn Long made a motion to approve the outstanding obligations for the month of March 2007, and Kevin Nott gave the second and the motion was approved with a (8-0-1) vote with M. Leota Sang abstaining.


City Attorney Casey advised council that he was still waiting to hear from Prosecuting Attorney Morgan on the impounded car (1994 Camaro) and will have an update at the next meeting.  The deed for the Franklin property has been recorded and the city now owns the property.  Council was told that Howard Yeager (Yeager property) is suing the city and he will file an answer on the suit.  Questions on voting “absentee” or now called “NO EXCUSE VOTING” was discussed.  City Attorney Casey advised that the city ordinance reads this may happen 10 days before the city election and state code allows 20 days prior.  Casey said that the state law would trump our ordinance and we need to update the municipal ordinance to comply with state law.  He further advised council that we (city) were not in compliance with this issue in the 2003 election.  A motion to amend our ordinance, and adopt 107.5 VOTING ABSENTEES, West Virginia Code Article 3-3 is hereby adopted for absentee voting in the city elections. This being the first reading, with the right to amend at the second reading was given by Ronald R. Kapp and seconded by J. Glenn Long and the motion passed.                            


City Clerk Billings shared with council updates on the upcoming city election.  He advised council of the different meetings to be held and that voting information had been sent to the local media.  Billings read the notice of approval from the State Auditor’s office for the Levy Estimate (Budget) for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2007. 


Mayor Wilson shared the city uniform policy with council.  After discussion a motion was made by J. Glenn Long and seconded by Dr. William Park and the motion passed.  The mayor advised council that we need to bid out the leasing of the Krodel Park concession stand. Ronald R. Kapp made the motion and J. Glenn Long added the second and the motion passed.  Discussion was held on the rental of the city portable stage to the village of Middleport, Ohio.  A charge of $1,000.00 for the rental (would include rental, wages, mileage etc.) was agreed upon by council but was tabled until the next meeting pending a report back from the mayor on this issue.  Clean up at the Riverfront Park has been on going and Mayor Wilson advised he had received several comments on how good the area looks.  The mayor shared with council information on the Brownfield grant and that we have an agreement with Burgess and Niple and they will keep us updated.  Mayor Wilson shared with council that a group from PPHS will be here to discuss raising money for the city swimming pool at the next meeting. The mayor advised that the city is working toward applying for federal EPA dollars for assessment and cleanup of the landfill at Krodel Park.  Mayor Wilson asked for a motion to buy a table for those interested in attending the annual chamber dinner.  J. Glenn Long made the motion and Dr. William Park secured the second and the motion passed. The city has three police officers who recently passed test for promotions in rank.  The mayor asked that the three (Bryan Morrow, Shawn Ross and Joe Veith) receive equalization pay retroactive to February 8, 2007, when they passed the test for promotion.  Sgt. Morrow will receive $11.37 per hour, Lt. Ross $12.23 per hour and Capt. Veith $13.97 per hour.  J. Glenn Long made a motion to accept the recommendation and Dr. William Park added the second and the motion passed.  Mayor Wilson presented the Quitclaim Deed for the Peoples Federal Credit Union.  The deed was presented by Shaw & Tatterson, dated the 20th, day of March 2007.  This is a portion of Windsor Court located between Jefferson Avenue and Jackson Avenue, West Virginia Route 62, in the city of Point Pleasant.  Mayor Wilson told council of a letter he received from Cerrone Associates, Consulting Engineers.  He advised that they were contacting the city on behalf of Randy Grinstead and the Mason County PSD Board.  He advised that they were preparing an engineering study to determine the best way to address the sewage collection and treatment needs at Lakin, Camp Conley and Sandhill Road.  Mayor Wilson will invite Randy Grinstead to attend the next meeting. 


Council members Elaine G. Hunt and J. Glenn Long advised that they would not be able to attend the April 17, 2007 meeting because both will be teaching classes.  Dr. William Park asked about the new recording system that was recently purchased and when it will be used.  Mayor Wilson advised that the matter is being worked on with the company that we purchased the equipment from.  Elaine G. Hunt spoke on the facility and inspection report and asked if the mosquito packets were out.  J. Glenn Long thanked the city for getting the stop signs up in the 8th ward.  Carol L. Jones also thanked the city for the stop signs in her ward and the kindness expressed for her son on his job as the head basketball coach at Marshall University.


Ronald R. Kapp moved to recess the meeting until Tuesday, April 17, 2007.  Dr. William Park added the second.  The meeting was recessed at 8:11 P.M. by unanimous vote.


_______________________________ James H. Wilson, Mayo

r______________________________Brian Billings, City Clerk 






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