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Council Minutes



February 09, 2004





Mayor James H. Wilson X  
City Clerk Stanton D. Burdette X  
City Attorney James M. Casey   X
Finance Director Ron Siders X  
Executive Secretary Harriett Nibert X  
Municipal Judge Jeremy T. Vickers X  
At Large Brian Billings X  
At Large Kevin R. Nott   X
First Ward James W. Fetty X  
Second Ward Robert C. Doeffinger, Jr.   X
Third Ward M. Leota Sang X  
Fourth Ward Robert A. Messick X  
Fifth Ward Elaine Grimm Hunt X  
Sixth Ward Ronald R. Kapp X  
Seventh Ward William H. Wallace X  
Eighth Ward Carol L. Jones   X


The minutes posted to these pages are the exact words contained in the official minutes on file in the City Clerks office. The format has been changed to make the information easier to read when presented in an Interned browser. Every effort is made to insure accuracy in transferring the information to these pages.  In all cases, the document on file at the City Building will be considered the official document.

REGULAR MEETING CITY COUNCIL CITY OF POINT PLEASANT February 9, 2004 (This copy of the minutes were recreated by scanning the printed copy on file in the
City Clerk’s Office, therefore some formatting may be different from the original.)
The Common Council of the City of Point Pleasant, a municipal corporation in Mason County, West Virginia, met in Regular session at the City Building, 400 Viand Street at 7:00 p.m. on Monday February 9, 2004. Council member M. Leota Sang led Council in prayer. The meeting was called to order by Mayor James H. Wilson who led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Garden Club Mayor Wilson opened the meeting by introducing Carolyn Hartenbach of the Tu-Endie-Wei Garden Club. Ms. Hartenbach explained that the club would like to buy hanging flower baskets from Bob's Market to be placed along Main and Sixth and Streets in the City. Jane Coles explained further that Bob's Market would be responsible for the watering and maintenance of the baskets this year. She added that 5 more baskets needed to be purchased to complete the project and also the club would need assistance in hanging the baskets. Mayor Wilson stated that the City could help with the installation of the baskets. Brian L. Billings made a motion for the City to buy 5 baskets at a cost of $120.00 each to help complete this project. William H. Wallace added the second and the motion passed unanimously. School Bond Mayor Wilson then introduced Valerie Bernard speaking on behalf of the committee endorsing the upcoming school bond issue. Ms. Bernard presented information on the project. She also introduced Gary Mitchell of the school board. Ms. Bernard asked the Council to adopt a resolution endorsing the upcoming school bond issue relating to upgrades in school building facilities in 2/9/2004 Mason-County. Robert A Messick made a motion to adopt the Resolution and Brian L. Billings added the second. The motion passed unanimously. Mr. Billings added that he applauded the efforts of those working so hard to help improve the facilities in the County. Vietnam Veterans Moving Memorial Mayor Wilson then introduced Jerry Bain who spoke about work he had been doing in getting the Vietnam Veterans Moving Memorial to come to Point Pleasant. He explained that the Memorial would be at the Battle Monument State Park (Tu-Endie-Wei Park) October 29 thru November 4, 2004. He stated that this was an enormous project and many volunteers would be needed. He added that it could draw thousands of visitors to the City. The Mayor thanked Mr. Bain for his work on this project and asked him to keep the City informed as to what the City could do to help him accomplish this task. Riverfront Park Pay Applications Next, Mayor Wilson introduced Darlene Haer of the Riverfront Park Committee. She then introduced Claudia Staley, Troy Samson and Jim McGraw of the Alan Stone Co., Inc. They were attending the meeting to find out the status of payments that were due their company for work done at the riverfront park. Ms. Haer explained that it could take 3-6 weeks for the City to get the money from the different funding sources. Ms. Haer then presented Revised Pay Applications #16 and #17 from Alan Stone Co., Inc. to be approved for payment. Ronald R. Kapp made a motion to approve the payment of the applications and William H. Wallace added the second. After all discussions, the motion passed unanimously. The Mayor then thanked the representatives from Alan Stone Co., Inc. for their patience and said that the City would look forward to working with them on the next phase of the project.  $1.2 Million Disbursement Resolution Next, City Clerk Stanton D. Burdette presented a Resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign documents regarding the Disbursement Requests asking for payments from the $1.2 Million WVEDA Project #36 Grant. This money would be used for alternates and additions at the Riverfront Park and in part to pay bank loans and pay applications still outstanding. (Alan Stone Co., Inc.) Ronald R. Kapp made the motion to adopt the Resolution and Robert A. Messick added the second. The Resolution was adopted unanimously.  Mayor Wilson then asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Council meeting of January 12, 2004, Consolidated Income (Financial) Statement and the Outstanding Obligations for the month of January 2004. Robert A. Messick made a motion to approve and Ronald R. Kapp seconded. The motion passed unanimously.  Next on the agenda was City Attorney James M. Casey. Mr. Casey had to be out of town but Municipal Judge Jeremy Vickers was present to answer any questions. Mr. Vickers presented a report from the attorney's office. Upon questions from Council, Mr. Vickers stated that the attorney was working on legal documents pertaining to any money left in the Suncrest Cemetery account before the money could be transferred to the City.  River Museum Invoice: Next on the agenda was the City Clerk, Stanton D. Burdette. He presented invoices for the River Museum totaling $55.00. M. Leota Sang moved to pay the invoices and Ronald R. Kapp added the second. The motion passed unanimously. He added that Mr. Fowler had been working very hard recently on getting the elevator installed. The Mayor added that Mr. Fowler had asked that the City pay approximately $250.00 for a deterrent system that should keep the pigeons from landing on the roof of the building and making a mess of the awning that was about to be installed on the museum. Ronald R. Kapp made a motion to pay up to $300.00 for such a system. William H. Wallace added the second and the motion passed unanimously. The Mayor added that the River Museum Grand Opening would be May 1ST Next on the agenda was Mayor Wilson. The Mayor asked that all committees meet to prepare for the upcoming budget workshops. After discussion, it was decided that there would be a budget workshop on Monday February 16TH at 6:00 P.M. Architect Fees The Mayor then brought up the subject of applying for a Small Cities Block Grant for a sewer system for the Kingtown area. An engineering firm had told the Mayor that they would do a study and help put the grant together but it would cost an additional $3,900.00 to for this work. After a lengthy discussion, Ronald R. Kapp made a motion to appropriate up to $2,000.00 for the Architectural and Engineering study involved with the project. The mayor stated he would talk to the firm and try to negotiate the price down or look for another firm. Robert A. Messick added the second and the motion passed unanimously.  The Mayor stated that he had spoken with the WVDOH about changing 3rd Street back to 2-way to better accommodate businesses in the downtown area. He said since the street was previously way, a public hearing was not necessary and the City could simply return it to 2-way if the WVDOH agrees with the request. Upon questions by council, he stated that a public hearing would be necessary to change the traffic flow on 27Th street.  Riverfront Park Rules/Regs Fees The Mayor then presented the proposed Riverfront Park Rules, Riverfront Regulations, and Rental Fees. After discussion, Brian L. Billings made a motion to adopt the Riverfront Park Agreement and Robert A. Messick added the second. After a discussion regarding liabilities and cleaning deposits, the motion passed unanimously. The mayor added that Denny Bellamy would be the contact and scheduling person and he could be reached at the water office. Youth Center Rental The mayor then presented proposed changes of the rental rates at the Center. The new rate would lower the fee on Monday thru Thursday from $80.00 to $50.00 with charitable or non-profits getting a 50% discount. The Friday thru Sunday rate would remain unchanged at $80.00. Ronald R. Kapp made a motion to adopt the proposed changes and Robert A. Messick added the second. The motion passed unanimously.  The Mayor then brought up the status of the grant application creating a walking trail from the Riverfront Park passing thru Kingtown and connecting to Krodel Park. The Mayor stated that the engineering firm was working on the design and should be ready to submit to the State soon. The engineering firm did tell the Mayor that it may have to be done in phases because the cost of the walking bridge over Crooked Creek would be in excess of $56,000.00. The Mayor added that no action was necessary by Council at this time.  In committee reports, the Mayor stated that the finance committee had not met. M. Leota Sang stated that the beautification committee had met but only 2 members were present.  Council Concerns In Council concerns, William H. Wallace stated that he felt it was time to get started on the North Point Pleasant Drainage Project, even if only a small portion could be done so the citizens could see what the drainage ditch or waterway would look like. Mr. Wallace added that he had spoke to Darlene Haer of the Riverfront Park Committee and reminded her that a portable stage had been requested by the regatta committee. This was to be funded from the $1.2 million bond money. Mr. Wallace also added that the County Ministerial Association would be sponsoring a patriotic musical program at the riverfront park Sunday July 4TH during regatta.  James W. Fetty requested that the signs at Krodel Park pertaining to ice-fishing and walking on the ice be repaired or replaced. He stated that several people had been skating, walking or fishing on the ice and this created a liability to the City.   M. Leota Sang stated that she had been talking with individuals involved with the "Save the State Theater Committee". She added that anyone wanting to become involved should contact Nancy Mayes. Robert A. Messick said that citizens of his ward had asked about the possibility of getting some streets paved. The Mayor noted the request and expressed financial concerns. Ronald R. Kapp stated the Planning, Zoning, and Council workshops were making progress in revising some of the zoning ordinances.   Elaine G. Hunt stated she was also approached about getting the City involved with the State Theater Project. Ms. Hunt asked if the Jackson Foundation might be able to help with the project. Ms. Hunt also voiced concern about the many potholes in the streets. She also asked if there had been any major concerns with the employees regarding the new sanitation schedules. The Mayor stated that the schedule would reduce overtime wages and added the employees probably would not like it. Ms. Hunt added that if saved money, we should look at other departments also. She also asked if transporting the prisoners to the regional jail had caused any problems.  The Mayor then spoke about the problems associated with yard sales within the City. He stated that the City staff had been working to update the existing ordinance (705.01) regulating yard sales. The updated ordinance would require a fee of $5.00 to get the permit. Ronald R. Kapp made a motion to approve with right to amend the 1ST reading of an ordinance to amend ordinance (705.01). Robert A. Messick added the second. The motion passed unanimously after a short discussion. William H. Wallace added that it might be a good idea to have a weekend when no fees would be charged.  Being no other business, Ronald R. Kapp made a motion to adjourn. M. Leota Sang seconded and being unanimously approved, the meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.  

_______________________________ James H. Wilson, Mayor

______________________________Stanton D. Burdette, City Clerk 





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