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Council Minutes




July 22, 2003

The common council of the city of Point Pleasant, a municipal corporation in Mason County, West Virginia, met in special session at the City Building, 400 Viand Street at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 22, 2003.

The following were present:

James H. Wilson, Mayor

Stanton D. Burdette, City Clerk

James M. Casey, City Attorney

And the following members of City Council:

Brian L. Billings 

Elaine G. Hunt

M. Leota Sang 

William H. Wallace

Ronald R. Kapp 

Carol L. Jones

Absent were Council Members:

James W. Fetty 

Robert A. Messick

Robert L. Doeffinger 

Kevin R. Knott

Mayor James H. Wilson, who led Council in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, called the meeting to order. Council member M. Leota Sang led the group in prayer.

Mayor Wilson proceeded to recognize John H. Cheesebrew for 38 years of dedicated service to the City. He presented Mr. Cheesebrew with a Certificate of Appreciation, while all in attendance gave applause. Mayor Wilson stated that refreshments would be served immediately following the meeting.

Mayor Wilson also recognized Joseph Cheesebrew for attaining his G.E.D. certificate.

Ronald R. Kapp, Declaring it an emergency due to time constraints, made a motion to approve Kathryn Elliot of the Region II Planning and Development Council to prepare an application for a Small Cities Block Grant. William H. Wallace seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Mayor Wilson asked for a motion to approve the City Liability Insurance Policy with Village Insurance. William Wallace stated that the policy does not cover activities that fall under the Main Street Committee, Such as the Regatta. After discussion William H. Wallace made a motion to approve the policy, Carol Jones seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

Mayor Wilson asked for a motion to be made to appoint Greg Walker as the new City Inspector. Ronald Kapp made a motion to appoint Walker as City Inspector and William H. Wallace seconded. After discussion the motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Wilson asked for a motion to be made to appoint council members to their respective committees. The Mayor stated he tried to limit members to four committees each. He also said he had a list of goals for each committee and would present these to the respective chairmen. It was stated by Ronald Kapp that there might be other committees that need appointments also. Brian Billings made a motion to accept the appointments and Ronald Kapp seconded. The appointments were approved unanimously. Mayor Wilson asked for a motion to re-appoint Mitchell mace to the Board of Zoning appeals. William H. Wallace made the motion and the second was given by Leota Sang. The motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Wilson informed council of a request for council to send a letter of recommendation to the Mason County Commission in support of a T.I.F. (Tax Increment Finance) development/ redevelopment zone. 6th street, Viand Street, and the Route 2/62 bypass would bound the zone. Upon discussion, it was learned that the City does not have enough population to apply for funding but the county does. William H. Wallace made a motion to send the county a letter of endorsement for the T.I.F. development/redevelopment zone providing such a project would adhere to all legal, environmental and zoning regulations and concerns. Ronald Kapp seconded the motion. Council members Billings, Hunt and Jones voted against the motion resulting in a 3-3 tie. Mayor James H. Wilson cast his vote for the motion breaking the tie. The motion passed with a 4-3 vote in favor.

Being no other business Ronald Kapp made a motion to adjourn. Brian L. Billings seconded the motion and the meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.


  ____________________________        Stanton D. Burdette   City Clerk                     


____________________________James H. Wilson Mayor



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