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Council Minutes


Absent were Council Members

Kevin R. Nott 
            Robert A. Messick.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor C. Edward Woomer who led Council in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  City Clerk Marilyn L. McDaniel led Council in prayer.

A Waiver of Notice is attached to this set of minutes.  The purpose of the meeting was (1) TO DISUSS AND TAKE ANY NECESSARY ACTION ON THE POINT PLEASANT RIVERFRONT PARK PROJECT.

Darlene Haer, Point Pleasant Riverfront Park Committee, gave a presentation to update the contracts and alternates added ($5,157,828.86) with the actual amount of payment ($2,905,639.12) previous to the Council Meeting of February 10, 2003.  A financial report was presented to each Council Member with the various funds of revenue and balances in the accounts as of 02/10/2003 (Legislative Digest Fund and Interest, TEA 21 1st Year, 2nd Year and 3rd Year, Small Cities Block Grant, Economic Development Grant, Savings Account, 1999 and 2000 Transportation Enhancement Grant, and Federal FY 2001 EDI Special Project Grant); and expenses (Paid on Woolpert and Other Miscellaneous Bills, Alan Stone Contract, and J.D.&E., Inc. Contract); and presentation of invoices (Woolpert, J.D.&E., Inc., and Alan Stone) at February 10, 2003 Council Meeting with balance at 02/24/2003.  The Alan Stone Pay Application #7 financial report was also presented to Council Members.  Ms. Haer explained that this was where it was questioned at the last council meeting if we had enough funds to match this and we would have, if we had the Economic Development Grant.  She did a breakdown of the funds on Tuesday, 02/11/2003, as to where we were going to get all these breakdowns to cover what we could/could not cover and when she finished we were short $107,571.88.  A copy is herewith attached to and made a part of these minutes.  Ms. Haer reminded Council that the City has letters of commitment in the amount of $500,000 ($300,000 with Ohio Valley Bank and $200,000 with BB&T). 

Sandy Jones, President of Main Street Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Riverfront Park Project Committee Member, advised that she and Mayor Woomer met today with Ohio Valley Bank President Jeff Smith, Charles Lanham, and Mario Liberatore to see about drawing down on the $300,000 letter to pay this bill.  Mr. Smith advised that we had his letter of commitment and his word is good, the money was there, and all you have to do is give me someone to sign the note and the check will be written.  On Friday, 02/21/2003, Mayor Woomer, Darlene Haer, and City Clerk McDaniel met with John Gerlach and Rick Handley of the Mason County Commission to borrow money through their building committee.  Mario Liberatore will deliver the paper work from the bank to John Gerlach for the Mason County Commission Meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 27, 2003.  The Supreme Court hearing on the WV Economic Development Grant will be on March 11, 2003, with perhaps months before a decision is made.

Mayor Woomer reported that he has attended the contractor meetings and this project has gone along very smoothly with quality because the contractors have gone the extra step to make this an excellent riverfront park for the City of Point Pleasant.  We will overcome this obstacle and move forward.  The park is 75-78% completed upon the contracts awarded.

Upon motion by Robert Doeffinger, second by James Wilson, the meeting adjourned at 7:40 P.M.


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